How Much Your Peers Are Investing in Stocks

Introduction How do you decide how much of your assets should be in stocks? One approach is to max out your 401k, IRA, etc and invest everything you possibly can into the market while you are young and less so as you grow older. Another is to have enough money in liquid assets to cover […]

The Yield Curve’s Huge Impact On Your Life

Unless you follow investing closely you may never have heard of the “yield curve” and may not realize how much impact it has on your life. The yield curve predicts to some extent your income over the next few years, whether or not you’ll be able to borrow money and how your portfolio is likely […]

What Caused the Stock Market Crash of 1929?

​By the end of the October 1929 stock market crash, investors had lost $25 billion – $364 billion in today’s terms. Why did the stock markets crash? Are the causes of the crash true today? The answer is that it’s complicated. Rather than a single catalyst, mounting pressures from multiple factors contributed to the crash. These […]